About Lynn

Lynn has been a passionate painter of birds and wildlife for as long as she can remember.  A lover of nature in recent years she has expanded to include all sorts of subjects in her paintings as witnessed on her Gallery Page.

A longtime resident of NDG with her husband Robert and daughter Marianne, in recent years, Lynn and family have moved to Lachine, QC.  Many of the residents of the NDG community still consider Lynn as 'one of their own!'  See a Blog Post about Lynn here.  Lynn Kerr.

Lynn will paint on anything and has a wide collection of offerings - most notably her bookmarks and gift cards, but also including coffee cups, wine glasses, plates, pictures (in frames), along with seasonal items.  Her prices are ridiulously low owing to her desire that everyone who wants something of hers can afford it!  Lynn has a longterm wish - that one day she will be able to give - for free - a piece of her art to every person - all over the world - who would like it!

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